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variety of fresh produce, including carrots, cucumbers and peas, at the grocery store

Like no other grocery item, produce depends on freshness and quality. Add to it the need to ship items internationally, and it's absolutely essential to source the highest-quality options to begin with.

International Fresh Market continually optimizes each step in our produce supply chains, meaning customers experience continual access to the finest standard and non-standard fruits and vegetables in the entire Midwest.

Read on to learn what type of produce you can expect at everyone's preferred Naperville grocery store — whether you just need a better local grocer, or are looking for something that caters to your unique and diverse tastes.


All of Your Everyday Produce Favorites

We pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of both exotic and domestic options. That's especially true of our produce department, which maintains a robust supply of all the leafy greens, root vegetables, hand fruits, berries, and other produce almost every home depends on. Our produce managers work closely with a variety of domestic suppliers, giving us a choice pick of seasonal crops.


Near-Local Tropical Fruit & Veggies

For greater selection and extended growing seasons, we also source standard favorites from Latin America. It also provides our customers access to more exotic options not normally found from USA growers, such as:

• Chili peppers
• Tomatillos
• Cactus
• Exotic citrus fruits
• Banana flowers
• Coconut (and just ask our friendly produce staff if you'd like us to break one open for you!)


Regional Produce Partnerships

We also stock any combination of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian produce. At any given time, we might have exotic fruits, veggies, and spices you've only heard of. You can also stop by anytime you need something truly novel, to expand your taste for international cuisine beginning with the most foundational ingredients.

Our international produce options also support patrons interested in natural health modalities from other cultures, such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine. We also serve as a veritable Arabic and Middle Eastern market, with flavorful spices and other regional produce options that taste so good, you'll think they were farmed fresh and prepared just for you.

Mediterranean and South American crops also occasionally appear, thanks to our dedicated suppliers, who continually update us on some of their latest stocks and the best deals in the global marketplace.

Vibrantly colored mix of sliced navel oranges, blood oranges and pomegranate fruit

Add Nutrients and Color to Your Diet!

The staff at International Fresh Market is united by a love of food, and that extends to cooking and preparing global cuisine. Nothing enhances the flavor and nuance of a home-prepared meal like beginning with the raw ingredients, and creating your meal from scratch.

Because international dishes often involve an extensive list of ingredients, you might require a mix of products found throughout our fresh produce department, plus dehydrated, canned, and other shelf-stable produce. That includes dried legumes, international spices, and more that you'll rarely or never find at a conventional grocery store.


Your Trusted Source for Domestic and International Produce

When you're looking to stock your fridge and produce basket with the freshest local and international produce, you'll find everything you're looking for and more at International Fresh Market. If your preferred marketplace secures the same type of produce from various regions and vendors, you're more likely to maintain a continuous supply of the foods you've grown accustomed to. Of course, you'll also have a much greater selection of foreign produce options that will expand your taste for the finer things in life.

Get the best of all the world, with a top-notch neighborhood grocer that's just as reliable for local and domestic produce as our international suppliers. Come to International Fresh Market today, and experience the finest local and international fare in the entire Chicagoland area.